Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Samples

   I've been trying the stuff I purchased while on vacation. 
 Here is my trial run of the Sew Easy System by We R Memory Keepers.
Lazy Daisy Stitch

These are samples from the Cricut Cartridge Flower Shoppe.  I simply cut 1 of each design from patterned paper, just to see how they'd come out.  I love that it's so many flower shapes and the matching leaf shapes.  All samples were cut at 3 inches.  The centers are spirals with varied edges, coiled and glued down.

These samples are from the Cricut Cartridge Sweet Tooth Boxes.  I didn't want to mess with fit-to-page, so I used the sizes listed in the hand books.

Ice Cream Cone and Cupcake Boxes

To Go Box and Take Out Box
Cube Boxes

The Inside of the cupcake and ice cream cone, the inserts will hold a cupcake or an ornament, but do not have to be added if you don't want to.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stitching Update

    I was actually able to get a lot of stitching done while on vacation.  I focused on the detail part of "Native Wolf Trio" when sitting around, and did the background half stitches while DH was driving or we were on the plane for 6 hours each way.
Native Wolf Trio, this is the top of the piece, after I finish the dark blue half stitches for the sky, I'll work on the bottom of the piece.  The bottom adds two more wolves, a bit more costume and no background made up of half stitches.  This piece is for my son.   

This is my progress on "Pledge of Allegiance".  Not all that far, it has a total of 7 flags, and the entire Pledge of Allegiance and a border.  This is being stitched on linen, and the fifth (5th) time I've done this piece, and hopefully, the last time I ever do this piece.  This piece is for my daughter.  It's my take along piece, since it's so simple to work on.

This is Noah's Sub, I'm down to the last 1/4 of the pattern to stitch, and then the back stitching.  I like to do the back stitching last, it's quick and I can pick up any stitches I missed.  I find this piece complicated by all the color changes but fun to stitch.  This piece is for me, because I collect Noah's Ark stuff.
This is as far as I have gotten on "The Sistine Chapel".  I'm embarrassed to post I haven't made any progress, and I've had it in my stash for 3 years now.  I seriously need to get stitching on this piece, it's actually easy to sew, no back stitching,  just really, really BIG.  LOL!!!  I'm stitching this piece for a few reasons, one, it just calls to me, I've actually been to the Sistine Chapel many years ago, and I've always wanted to challenge myself to do something really large.  This counts as "really large" and I'll never take on that challenge ever again.