Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Finish, The Next Piece, and an Update

   I finished Native Wolf  Trio kit by Dimensions, 4 or so years ago a lady was giving away some of her stash and sent this to me, I've forgotten her name, but I did thank her back then.  So it's done, our Son will keep it in his room

Now, I'm working on this popular kit, Leonardo.  Not a lot of progress, I put it aside a while ago, and since I'm still not moving around a lot, I've picked this piece up.  It's not a purse project, so it's a good sitting around project.  I also have Frederick the Literate and Maggie the Mess Maker in my stash to work on.

As for the surgery, I'm recovering.  I'm not as mobile as I'd like to be.  It will be 4 weeks this Friday, and I have permission to start standing on my foot and letting it bear my weight.  Note to self, time to seriously get on with losing weight.  I should be able to start walking a bit with the boot and crutches later today and slowly build up strength.  I'm to quit when it hurts.

Other than that, all is well, I've been out and about some, gone to our DD's track meets, church and some shopping which has been nice.  I've even successfully driven a motorized cart at Wal Mart.  That was kind of nice to go where I wanted and not where I was pushed to.  The family has been great about helping and doing, I have no complaints, only thanks.