Thursday, August 2, 2012

A way to stitch the Sistine Chapel that works for me.  An inexpensive quilting frame from the craft store.  Used a coupon, of course.  Longer dowels added, and the dowels are sanded very smooth.  The bags are to hold the fabric so it doesn't rest on the floor.  I cut the handles, stitched on velcro so the bags come on and off easily and I can get the handles of the bags around the top frame without undoing all the hardware.

Frame with the fabric.  I stitch "in hand" so I only use the frame to hold the weight not to keep the fabric at a certain tension level.   I can pull up a chair and stitch, or pull the top frame off and stitch in the recliner, the frame still holds the weight of the fabric off my hands and off the floor.

Floss needed just for scene 4.  4 cards of colored floss, lots of blended threads.  3 more floss cards for the borders, skin tones and such that are repeated through most of the entire piece.  Then 5 needle holder cards that hold filled needles ready to stitch.  I took scissors and added extra cuts so the card holds twice as many needles as the manufacture provided.