Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cross Stitch Update


    Since I've been less active, due to an injury to my Achilles Tendon, I've filled my sitting around time with Cross Stitch.  I purchased the supplies for 3 smaller pieces, 1 very large piece and 1 extremely large piece at the same time 4 years ago, and I've not completed any of them.  So I committed myself to putting aside the 3 smaller pieces (Maggie the Mess Maker, Frederick the Literate and Leonardo) for a time.  I put aside the extremely large piece as well, (The Sistine Chapel) and focused solely on the large piece (Noah's Sub).  This has turned out to be a good idea, the Noah's Sub is almost finished in terms of stitching, I should have all the stitching done my Monday, then I can go back and outline.  I should have the entire piece ready for framing before Christmas.  Yeah, then I will focus on The Sistine Chapel.  The 3 smaller pieces will become traveling pieces, and pieces I work on when I need a break from the big piece.

Center Scene, Creation of Eve, 1/2 done, Joanna Lopianowski-Roberts design of The Sistine Chapel.  When finished it will be 40"x 80" if done on 14 ct Aida, I'm using Antique White Linen 28 ct.

Noah's Sub by Stoney Creek Collections,  from the original artwork of Stewart Moskowitz, 320wx220w Stitches, done on 18 ct Aida


Denise SA said...

You certainly like big projects. You are progressing so well

Sharon said...

I love your blog! Your pieces and work are so beautiful. I admire the pieces that you are working on. I've been blessed by my visit with you and I'll be back again to watch your projects bloom! :) Hope that tendon is on the mend.

Katrien said...

Beautiful work

chrisstitches said...

Fantastic dedication to these huge projects.