Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Okay, I can't resist a challenge.  A lady posted a question about how to put words in a circle.  So I came up with this.  Turns out I completely got her request wrong, but she liked what I did.  She was looking for words cut stencil style inside a solid circle.  I learned how to do that too, always fun.

I used the words Summer Day 3 times. I welded Summer by itself and then Day by itself.

I used George and Basic Shapes for the letters and the circles. The letters are cut at 1", the circle is 7.5 inches and 6.75 inches.

I picked up the dolphins and anchor from Life's a Beach, because I wanted to have something between the words, but it's not necessary. Sizes are 1 inch or less, adjusted to fit the space.

So what I did was pick the 7.5 circle. Then I put in the words Summer Days and welded them to the big circle. I fiddled with that for quite a while to get them around the circle. Once I got one set done, I copied it 2 more times and worked it around the rest of the circle.

Then I went in and copied the entire piece to another mat layer and took out the two circles. I decided I wanted the words Summer Days in different colors and to over lay them on the welded circle.

Next I added the dolphins and anchors. I adjusted them to fit the space and welded them in.

Make sure everything is grouped together so everything moves as one piece. And SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, save after every two or 3 things you do.

Then I copied the dolphins and anchors to another mat. That way they were sized to fit the adjusted size on the main welded circle and letters.

I noticed that one Summer and one Day is not on the circle, and on the top letters I noticed 2 s's weren't connected. I have eyes that are over 50 and I didn't put my glasses on. I will adjust this later.

Cut from white card stock

Finished, colored with pencils, just a quick test piece


Elena said...

Nice crafting! It looks great.

Elena said...
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