Thursday, July 1, 2010

We saw Eclipse

The movie was just like the last one. I find them boring sometimes, the characters do too much whining about the same things, but that's how the story was written, I keep waiting for the more interesting parts which do come. There were some funny lines in the tent scene between Edward and Jacob, the violent ending to the newborns was less graphic than I expected. The Bella's father's character is getting more interesting and more on the background to Rosalie and Jasper was interesting. In the earlier movies Bella's mother comes across like she doesn't care, she's moved on to her new fella sort of thing. In this show you see that she is sentimental and they miss each other, the movie also makes it seem like Bella's father is still pining for her. Odd. I do find myself more and more interested in all the other characters and less and less interested in the 3 main characters.

DD liked the movie, a whole lot. I am sure she'll see it again in the theater before we are able to purchase the DVD.

However, the whole experience at the theater was a rip off, and I don't see paying to do that ever again. We bought our tickets on June 7th for theater 2, 12:02 air time. We were in line for an hour +, the people around us were pleasant and at least the wait wasn't full of line cutters and foul language. We didn't walk through the theater doors until 12:00 and then we find out they are not paying attention to the theater assigned to the ticket. Basically you got in the door and it was up to you to find a seat, people were saving seats, etc... We ended up with not very good seats either, 3 rows back from the screen. It was not fun, the movie didn't even start until 12:35, because they had trouble getting it to start, the previews kept stopping and restarting.

Once the movie starts you do get absorbed in the movie, so it was worth the wait.

We got home at 3 am. Standing in line for 3 hours to see a movie to get better seats isn't going to happen again anytime soon, at least not for me, I wouldn't do it to meet a movie star, President or the Queen of England, so why would I do it for a movie. DD will undoubtedly want to do this again, I'll just wait until she's a bit older and can go with her girlfriends.

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