Friday, July 30, 2010

More Vinyl Work

John's Designs

This is the walls about our oldest sons' bed.  He's into learning Japanese, so using the Pagoda Cricut Cartridge, and black vinyl, this is what we have.  We used one of Fancy Font from Storybook to say the meaning to the words.  A bit of red vinyl was used as an accent for the dragon.

Bathroom Wall

This is the small wall space between the window and the shower, the goal as a view out a window at the beach.  We used mostly the Life's A Beach Cricut Cartridge for the images.  A lot of layering of different colored vinyls and accent colors with Permanent Markers (Sharpie and Bic).  The Sand Castle sort of blends in, maybe too much, not sure yet.  The sand bucket does blend in too much, I'm either going to recut it or color with a marker, not sure yet.  The kids said we needed a sun with style so I picked up the cool red shades.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vinyl Wall Art - Part 2

Wall above the shower and door.  Dolphin is blue vinyl layered on white vinyl.  Nothing added to the submarine or whale.

 Sorry it's dark, it's the little space above the window over the shower and the ceiling, The ducks were hand colored.

Cartridges used were Splish Splash and Life's A Beach

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Attempt at Vinyl Wall Art


This is the adorable octopus from the Splish Splash Cricut Cartridge.  I colored the white vinyl with a purple sharpie, let dry, then layered the light purple on the dark purple.  It's a large piece 11" square, the legs kept wriggling on me, so I need to go back and smooth some of the wrinkles.  For now the Octopus will stay and I'll practice on other cuts for the other bathroom walls.  Thanks for looking.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cricut Cake Birthday Cupcakes

     Our Youth Pastor Dan's Birthday was actually today, so I volunteered to make the "cake".  These are simple yellow cupcakes, from a box, and chocolate buttercream made from scratch.  I went with cupcakes so they'd be easy to serve and I used the Cricut Cake to cut the fondant.  I tinted the fondant orange to get close to the Giant's colors, I was happy the Giants don't have a fancy design included with their name.  The cupcake in "A's" color is for Gabe, another youth leader, who is a die hard A's fan, and well, we wouldn't want him to not be able to eat a cupcake.  I used cake coloring straight from the bottle to color in the stitches on the baseballs using a food safe paint brush.  One planning error was not making any orange buttercream or royal icing to stick the S & F together, I ended up using the orange in a tube frosting, not the best choice.  I'll plan better next time.  Cartridges used were:  Sports Mania for the base ball, San Seriff for the S & F and the A's, Mickey Font for everything else.  This Thursday the youth group is going to watch a Giant's game, that should be fun.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cross Stitch WIP Update

I haven't posted about my Cross Stitch work in awhile.  So here's what's waiting to be done.  I can't look at or consider starting any more projects until these are done.  Okay, more done than they are now.  LOL!!!!

We like cats.  These pieces remind me of our 3 cats, once out of the package they are small enough to be take along projects.  Which means I will carry them in my purse and work on them when waiting at places.  I always have a project with me.  I'm working on Leonardo right now, Frederick the Literate and Maggie the Mess Maker are waiting to be worked on.

This piece is for me.  I really like Noah's Ark stuff, the different the better.  It's called Noah's Sub. 

This is the piece I'm doing for my son, it's a Fractal.  I don't have a photo anymore more of what it's supposed to look like.  It was a large free pattern, many pages, but not too big when finished.  He's into math, he thinks it looks neat.  Thankfully there isn't any back stitching involved, just lots and lots of grays and yellows.

I haven't done much on this piece.  It's the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, this portion is called "Creation of Eve" and it's the center panel.  Much more needs to be done.  I'll get to this piece during football season, which starts next month.  It's rather wrinkled, so it must not have gotten put away right, so I'll get it ironed and stored properly.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Crafting Space

This is where I do most of my crafting, except my cross stitch, that's done on the couch in the front room. My space is in the family room, it's a small room that passes through to the patio.

Yes, DH says I don't need to go to the craft store anymore, it's all in this room.

I share this space with our 2 Amazon Parrots (Fred & Barney) and our Conure (Little Guy). They do come out of their cages a lot, just not when I'm working with paper, they love to munch on my paper. Fred is starting to imitate the Cricut noises, I'm waiting for him to get the "Chirp" down. LOL!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We saw Eclipse

The movie was just like the last one. I find them boring sometimes, the characters do too much whining about the same things, but that's how the story was written, I keep waiting for the more interesting parts which do come. There were some funny lines in the tent scene between Edward and Jacob, the violent ending to the newborns was less graphic than I expected. The Bella's father's character is getting more interesting and more on the background to Rosalie and Jasper was interesting. In the earlier movies Bella's mother comes across like she doesn't care, she's moved on to her new fella sort of thing. In this show you see that she is sentimental and they miss each other, the movie also makes it seem like Bella's father is still pining for her. Odd. I do find myself more and more interested in all the other characters and less and less interested in the 3 main characters.

DD liked the movie, a whole lot. I am sure she'll see it again in the theater before we are able to purchase the DVD.

However, the whole experience at the theater was a rip off, and I don't see paying to do that ever again. We bought our tickets on June 7th for theater 2, 12:02 air time. We were in line for an hour +, the people around us were pleasant and at least the wait wasn't full of line cutters and foul language. We didn't walk through the theater doors until 12:00 and then we find out they are not paying attention to the theater assigned to the ticket. Basically you got in the door and it was up to you to find a seat, people were saving seats, etc... We ended up with not very good seats either, 3 rows back from the screen. It was not fun, the movie didn't even start until 12:35, because they had trouble getting it to start, the previews kept stopping and restarting.

Once the movie starts you do get absorbed in the movie, so it was worth the wait.

We got home at 3 am. Standing in line for 3 hours to see a movie to get better seats isn't going to happen again anytime soon, at least not for me, I wouldn't do it to meet a movie star, President or the Queen of England, so why would I do it for a movie. DD will undoubtedly want to do this again, I'll just wait until she's a bit older and can go with her girlfriends.