Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jeness Project

Hi!   These are some cans that were converted into table center pieces.  My job was to turn them into something other than a tin can.  Another lady will add stuff inside the cans, arrange them on the tables and they will end up being fabulous.  The original plan was for 25 center pieces, they only had 18 cans for me so I did what they gave me and gave them extra cuts to make more cans if there is a need.  I will be unavailable to make more cans for them. I had a short time to get them done, and considering what I started with they came out pretty cool.  Thanks to my family for pitching and helping me glue and assemble and ignore them for long hours, I couldn't have gotten it done without their help and understanding.

The empty cans and plastic coffee cans, on the right is the sample, they will all end up looking like

The insides of some of the cans were a bit "old".  I covered the inside of the cans with black paper too.

Stage 1, covering the inside and outside of the cans with black paper.

Stage 2, adding a dripping border, using the Martha Stewart paper punch

Stage 3, finished cans.  School Bus, truck, car and dump truck are from Everyday Paper Dolls, the road is the lower case letter "L" cut and glued down, we cut over 100 of these little shapes.  The Curvy Road sign and Man at Work is from Street Sign.  The Cricut was such a big help making all these cuts.


Jeannine said...

Cute! What occasion are the centerpieces for?

ladybugstamper said...

The Jeness Park Fundraiser being held on April 2nd. I did this for the Mission Board, I won't do this ever again.