Friday, April 22, 2011

Panda Pop-Up Card Style 2

Hi!.  Pop card, style 2.  This card needs you to cut into the card stock to make the pop-up part.  It's not harder, it's just more steps.

Supplies:  Two pieces of card stock, any color, I used A-2 size card stock.  Of course, you'd use pretty coordinating paper, I just white to show the steps.  You will also need die cut images (the Panda is 3" and the hearts are 1"), glue or tape, bone folder, ruler, exacto knife and a pencil.

On the back of the inside piece of card stock I drew the pop-up lines.  The wide lines in the center support the Panda, and are 1-1/2" long and 1" wide.  This size will vary depending on how far into the card you want the image to pop and how big the image is.  For the hearts, I used used 1" long lines and 1/4" wide.

Use the exacto knife to cut along the pencil lines.  You use the bone folder to score a line to connect the lines.  Don't cut where you score, if you do, you will have empty space.  Just try again.  Been there, done that, LOL!!!

Push the pop ups into the card.  See the photo, you're making little steps.  Again, make them any size you need to support your image

I attached one heart to the bear, and I'm getting ready to attach the Panda and the other hearts.

First glue on the images in the back, which are the hearts.  Make sure they are just a smidgen above the card stock, so when you fold the card the hearts don't wrinkle.  Then attach the Panda, the same as the hearts.

The back of the inside of the card

Attach the second piece of card stock so that it hides all the cuts.  That way you can stamp and decorate the outside of the card.

Side view so you can see the hearts don't stick out as far into the card as the Panda does.

Front view.


Brigit said...

Awesome, much better then the cartridge!!

Ladybug said...

Cindy, I can't believe I never spotted your blog until now. I am now a follower. After all, ladybugs need to stick together! :-)

LOVE your pop-up card tut's. TFS!

Disneypal said...

This is a wonderful tutorial - thanks for the info! (PS: Cute card!)

Sharry said...

very hard to see the lines
to cut but figured it out from
the pictures. Suggestion to
perhaps use a marker to be easier to see. Appreciate your posting this.

ladybugstamper said...

Thanks for the kind comments. I appreciate them.

Yes, ladybugs need to stick together. LOL!!!

Thanks for the tip about the pencil, I'll use a sharpie or something darker next time.

LorraineB said...

Cindy your card is so adorable. I think you could design your own pop up cartridge. I have the cricut cartridg and I don't like it. I hope you will design a few more pop ups for us. Thanks