Sunday, September 4, 2011

My fix for the error on Word Collage - Cricut Cartridge

     It has been discovered that there is an error on the Word Collage cartridge, part of a word is left off, it should be - will - but it was accidentally put on the cartridge as = wil =.

I seriously considered not purchasing this cartridge, but life is full of mistakes, and I make plenty of them myself.  The sale at JoAnn's enticed me and I purchased the cartridge because of the other cuts on the cartridge.  Since I prefer to look at mistakes as something to overcome, not something to stop me, .......

I got to looking at Word Collage and the Rock-a-bye Baby cut on my Gypsy.

I discovered a couple of things.

I could use my Gypsy and "fix" the error.

1. You can use the hide feature and remove words from the cut. So I hid the "wil" part.

2. Then I used Plantin Schoolbook and added the word "will"

3. I grouped Rock-a-bye Baby and "will" and it all moves around and cuts as one piece.

I think it came out pretty good.

I left the dot on the i from the original "wil" on this sample as a marker for where the replacement word is. I then went back and hid the dot. Next time I need this I will have a correctly spelled saying.  I just saved the file on my Gypsy, and I'm sure you could do this on Design Studio or Cricut Craft Room.

I hope this makes sense.

Cut 8" x  8" square


JDScraps said...

I just got this cartridge and haven't had a chance to use it so I didn't know there was a problem with it. Thank you so much for telling us about it and telling us exactly how to fix it.

Pookie said...

great ideal. I really want this cart.

Ellen said...

Thank you for sharing this info!

ImTheNana said...

At some point, before I purchased it a few months ago, they have fixed the error.