Friday, April 22, 2011

Panda Pop-Up Card Style 2

Hi!.  Pop card, style 2.  This card needs you to cut into the card stock to make the pop-up part.  It's not harder, it's just more steps.

Supplies:  Two pieces of card stock, any color, I used A-2 size card stock.  Of course, you'd use pretty coordinating paper, I just white to show the steps.  You will also need die cut images (the Panda is 3" and the hearts are 1"), glue or tape, bone folder, ruler, exacto knife and a pencil.

On the back of the inside piece of card stock I drew the pop-up lines.  The wide lines in the center support the Panda, and are 1-1/2" long and 1" wide.  This size will vary depending on how far into the card you want the image to pop and how big the image is.  For the hearts, I used used 1" long lines and 1/4" wide.

Use the exacto knife to cut along the pencil lines.  You use the bone folder to score a line to connect the lines.  Don't cut where you score, if you do, you will have empty space.  Just try again.  Been there, done that, LOL!!!

Push the pop ups into the card.  See the photo, you're making little steps.  Again, make them any size you need to support your image

I attached one heart to the bear, and I'm getting ready to attach the Panda and the other hearts.

First glue on the images in the back, which are the hearts.  Make sure they are just a smidgen above the card stock, so when you fold the card the hearts don't wrinkle.  Then attach the Panda, the same as the hearts.

The back of the inside of the card

Attach the second piece of card stock so that it hides all the cuts.  That way you can stamp and decorate the outside of the card.

Side view so you can see the hearts don't stick out as far into the card as the Panda does.

Front view.

Panda Pop-Up Card Style 1

Hi!  With the release of Cricut's Pop-Up cartridge, I thought I'd share how I make pop-up cards.  I learned how to do them this way over 15 years ago when I was a Stampin' Up! demo.  We made due since there wasn't as many gadgets or tools back then.   Okay, here we go. 

Supplies:  Piece of card stock, half of a sheet of 8-1/2"x11" card stock, folded in half, foam pop dot (optional), glue pen or tape, bone folder, score board (optional), Image (I used the Panda from Pagoda, cut at 3"), additional images (optional - I used a heart from George and Basic Shapes cut at 1"), lastly 2 strips of card stock cut 1/2" wide and  2-3/4" long. 

 Assemble your supplies.  I didn't try to camouflage the pop-up strips, if this were a card I was giving to someone, I would decorate the card stock, and use paper strips that blend into the background.

Score the strips at 1/2" (this attaches to the card stock) then at the other end 1" and 1/2" (these will attach to the back of the Panda)

Strips attached to the Panda, I only used 2 strips, you can use more or less depending on the size of your image.

Use glue and attach the strip to the card stock.  Dry fit first to make sure the Panda stays inside the folded card.  If your strips are too long, shorten them.  There isn't a set length, just use strips that fit your design.  I attached a pop-dot to the heart.  The Panda just sits on the bottom part of the card, it's not glued or attached, it needs to move so it can lay down when the card folds.

Finished Assembly